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Terms & Conditions

Welcome to D' Adroit Studios Inc., Please review the following basic rules which constitute our "Terms of Use & Legal Notices," which govern your use of our Website. By using our Website and /or placing an order for products and/or services from D' Adroit Studios Inc., you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth below, and our Privacy Policy and all disclaimers or other terms and conditions that appear elsewhere on our Website and Invoices (collectively the "Agreement"). Your use of our Website constitutes your agreement to follow and be bound by the Agreement. If you do not agree to be bound by the Agreement, please do not use our Website. Although you may "bookmark" a particular portion of our Website and thereby bypass the Agreement, your use of (or clicking onto) any portion or page of our Website still binds you to the Agreement. Since we may revise the Agreement at any time, we recommend that you visit these pages periodically to review the Agreement. All legal issues are subject to Kolkata (Calcutta) Jurisdiction only.

Terms of Sale
Quality comes at a price! We work only on retainer-remainder basis (60% at the time of placing the order and 40% on completion of the order prior to shipment or delivery) and should include all costs including shipping and handling, and any applicable sales tax. No work will proceed until we are in possession of your non-refundable retainer payment and work order.

It is absolutely necessary to communicate any changes in your print order in writing, either via FAX or email. D’Adroit Studios will not be responsible for undetected production errors if requests for changes are communicated orally. No refunds or credits are given once your order has been printed.

Order Cancellation Policy
All sales are final. No refunds are available for the initial deposit. When the customer cancels an order in writing that has been placed, and no graphics processing has been done, we will deduct a 5% fee to transfer to another order that must be placed within 90 calendar days. Cancellations will result in your incurring any charges for labor and materials up to the point when we received your written notification and the balance applied to your next order. If the job is already printed by this time, you are liable for the full cost.

All Refunds Will be in the form of in-house credit.

Turnaround Times
The production of the order will begin in three working days. We are off on weekends i.e. Saturdays and Sundays. Hence any orders place on these days will be processed on Monday if it is not a Government holiday. Turnaround time begins with the receipt of your proof acceptance. In the event that production schedules are not adhered to by the customer, delivery dates will change. We generally preflight files for new projects and produce a proof within 2-3 business days of receipt of the order. If there is a problem with your files or missing components, we will contact you immediately. We ship the proof via overnight delivery service. If corrections are needed and another proof is requested, that will take place within 1-2 business days after receiving your proof. Once you approve a final proof, printing will proceed in accordance with the production schedule agreed upon in your quote.

Orders that are requested to be produced before the normal business day delivery time will be charged a RUSH ORDER charge and will be added to your final invoice (if requested). This pricing will be determined by D' Adroit Studios Inc., management at the time of request and shall be determined by the number of orders that are ahead of it in the print schedule. RUSH ORDER requests jeopardize the quoted turnaround time for our other clientele, thereby jeopardizing our consistency in maintaining correct delivery times; because of this, your rush order request may necessitate the need for overtime or weekend and after hours work by our employees to fulfill your request. In an effort to eliminate this charge, please allow plenty of time for production and order your collateral materials before you run out. It is not uncommon for rush order pricing to add fees of double the original cost. Turnaround times are quoted as a single service; allow 10 business days for each service that you are requesting, including, but not limited to: Printing, Graphic Design, Inkjet Addressing, and Mailing. Please be clear that each individual service is a separate production schedule. For example, if you need a brochure designed, printing and then addressed for mailing you should allow 10 business days for each of these 3 services which would be 30 business days.

Although D' Adroit Studios Inc., makes every possible effort to turn jobs around in the estimated times offered, your job may require more time due to unforeseeable or uncontrollable circumstances or finishing services added onto the job. D' Adroit Studios Inc., will not credit customers if a job runs past the estimated turnaround time. Turnaround times are an estimate, not guarantee.

Other Fees
Jobs may be subject to other fees as follows :
  • Rs. 300.00 or *US$ 20 - Hard Copy Proofs (per 12" X 18", both side ).
  • Rs. 500.00/hour or *US$ 30 - Approved artwork alterations; 1 hour minimum.
  • Rs. 200.00 or *US$ 15 - Re-RIP of any file.
  • Rs. 250.00 or *US$ 20 - Handling fee for all jobs

*For overseas clients
This is not an exhaustive list; other fees may be incurred in special circumstances.

Rush Orders
The full and total amount of all rush orders must be paid in full at the time of request before production can be implemented including orders that become a rush order after it has been initially quoted. This means that the files must be received and all proofs approved in time to allow the stated production schedule to be implemented. Rush order schedules start when all files and proofs have been received and approved, and retainer payment of your invoice has been received.

General Information
Any original media (discs, pictures, slides, proofs, etc.) are non-returnable and become the property of D' Adroit Studios Inc.,unless pre-arrangements are made. Preferred file type is Adobe PDF. Acceptable applications for Mac & PC include (but are not limited to) Quark Xpress, Adobe PageMaker, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw and Adobe PDF. Additional charges may apply if furnished media are incompatible with Design Concepts software. We cannot guarantee consistent results if files are generated by other applications like Microsoft Publisher. For best results, all rasterized files should be converted to CMYK. All fonts must be included or embedded. Images must be flattened with CMYK in TIFF or EPS format. Proofs will be e-mailed or shipped out within 2 working days of receipt of files and order form. Turnaround time begins after receipt of final proof approval. Final approval will only be accepted in written format. No verbal approvals will be accepted. Job is considered complete if within +/- 10% quantity. Quoted prices do not include any shipping, handling or sales taxes (if applicable). All prices are subject to change without notice. Unless other payment terms have been previously arranged and account is up to date, your credit card will be charged upon placement of order.

Customer Supplied Proofs
For each job, the customer may be required to supply a color hardcopy proof of their job when placing their order. If the job is two-sided, folds or binds (like brochures and catalogs), then a working model (mockup) of the job is required to indicate backup, page orientation, folding, binding and page order/assignment. D' Adroit Studios Inc., is not responsible for any such errors if a working model is not provided prior to proofing. D' Adroit Studios Inc., is also not responsible for any and all errors in the customer's printing job if they select the "Run As Is. No Proof" option.

Color Proof Accuracy
Please note that although color proofs supplied to the customer are highly calibrated and very accurate, they cannot match the final printed product 100%. This is due to the fact that proofs are created in a different way than the printed piece (ink, paper stock, registration, line screens, etc.) Also note that the customer proof may not closely match our proofs or the printed piece either for the same reasons, and because the customer supplied proofs are not calibrated to our presses.

Right of Refusal
D' Adroit Studios Inc., reserves the right to refuse service or products to any person or organization.

A Custom quotation not accepted within 5 days may be changed. Prices on standard products on this website are subject to change at any time. Paper pricing and supplies will be adjusted periodically based on prevailing market fluctuations that affect cost.

Accuracy of Specifications
Quotations are based on the accuracy of the specifications provided. D’Adroit Studios can re-quote a job at the time of file submission if the files, or other input materials do not conform to the original information on which the quote was based.

Preparatory Material
All files provided electronically or on disc, will NOT be returned to you upon completion of the printing project. We do not retain any files on behalf of our customers. Please be sure to keep files and job number in a safe place if you expect to reprint the job in the future. 'CLIENT' is solely responsible for maintaining files. Please request and keep copies of any file we produce for you. All material we create in producing your printed products are the exclusive property of D' Adroit Studios Inc., and will not be sold, we reserve the right to distribute free samples of your product.

D' Adroit Studios Inc., retains intermediate materials until the project has been printed and accepted by the customer. D' Adroit Studios Inc., is not responsible for any loss or damage to stored matter beyond what is recoverable by D' Adroit Studios Inc., fire and extended insurance policy.

Delays or Missed Deadlines
D' Adroit Studios Inc., is not responsible for delays caused by fire, water, strikes, theft, vandalism, war, riot, civil disorder, accidents, action of government or civil authority, acts of God and other causes beyond our control. We also assume no responsibility for delays caused by delivery carriers or any damages resulting from the failure to receive a job on time. Our expected delivery date is not guaranteed, although we rarely miss a due date.

Delivery is F.O.B. shipping point. D' Adroit Studios Inc., is not liable for any consequential or damages resulting from any delay in shipment or delivery caused by weather conditions, shipping company delays, international customs issues or any other circumstances beyond D' Adroit Studios Inc., direct control. Unexpected equipment failure, malfunction and or technical problems may delay the printing process. In case of delay caused by technical difficulty, rush charges/fees will be refunded or waived where applicable, however, technical difficulty will not be the grounds for order cancellation.

D' Adroit Studios Inc., is not responsible for any shipping costs and/or any delays in delivery due to shipping/receiving of your ordered product(s). Shipping costs MUST be paid in advance and are completely Non-Refundable. You are welcome to supply us with your own UPS or FEDEX account number, or Credit card Number. Additional costs may be applied to your invoice when applicable to deliver your order to a desired shipping point. Please be sure to allow plenty of time for producing and delivery in order to meet any impending deadline that you may have. D' Adroit Studios Inc., is a printing and design facility, and not a shipping company.

D' Adroit Studios Inc., is not responsible for 3rd party shipping errors, omissions or damaged shipments. Your order will not be insured when shipped using D' Adroit Studios Inc., shipping accounts. If you would like to insure your product against loss or damage, you must supply your own shipping account number. All Orders are shipped via Federal Express (FedEx) or local courier for a fee based on your location or Zip Code. If your shipping address has not been provided, we will ship your order to the address indicated on the invoice. D' Adroit Studios Inc., does provide for pick up from our location at any time. Client is responsible for all shipping costs including local delivery via courier and must be paid for in advance to schedule delivery of your product to your location. If the shipping cost(s) for your order are not indicated on your invoice or statement, this does not preclude you from owing the cost to ship to you; please request an estimate of shipping along with your desired method (i.e.: Ground, 2 Day, Express, Overnight, Express Saver, etc.). Shipped Products are NOT insured; this means that if your shipment is lost and/or damaged during shipping, the payment will not be refunded and there will be a charge to reprint. Please be sure to allow plenty of time for producing and delivery in order to meet any impending deadline that you may have.

Wrong Address
If a package is not delivered due to an error made by the customer in submitting the proper shipping address, D' Adroit Studios Inc., will reship the package with corrected address and charge an additional shipping fee for the shipment.

Customer Responsibilities
Customers are 100% responsible for the accuracy of your layouts and are encouraged to proof each job carefully. Customers are also 100% responsible for compliance with postal regulations and current mailing restrictions associated with postcards and mailers.

Electronic Manuscript or Image
It is the customer's responsibility to maintain a copy of the original file. D' Adroit Studios Inc., is not responsible for accidental damage to media supplied by the customer or for the accuracy of furnished final output. Until digital input can be evaluated by D' Adroit Studios Inc., no claims or promises about our ability to work with jobs submitted in digital format, and no liability is applicable to problems that may arise.

Prepress Proofs
D' Adroit Studios Inc., will submit prepress proofs to the customer for review in accordance with their order - either an electronic proof or hard copy proof. Customer corrections are to be returned to us as a master set marked "OK","OK with Corrections" or "Revised Proof Required" and signed by the customer with authorized stamp. Until the master set is received, no additional work will be performed on the project. D' Adroit Studios Inc., is not responsible for undetected production errors if :
  • Proofs are not required by the customer.
  • The work is printed per the customer's signed OK.
  • Requests for changes are communicated orally.

Special Inks
Inks such as metallic or fluorescent are specialty inks that cost more money. Customers will incur an up-charge for use of these inks on Custom projects.

All orders are subject to VAT. If a customer is tax exempt, a copy of the exemption certificate must be sent or faxed to us with the first job ordered.

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